Military Standards and Specifications for Cylinders and Compressed Gases

Commercial Exceptions or Specifications Crossed Referenced


Here is a Reference Base for Military Standards, Military Specifications and Federal Specifications for Compressed Gases, Cylinders, Valves, Paints and Primers. These Specifications and Standards includes links to Commercial Specifications and Exceptions. The Commercial Exceptions are made either because the process or procedure has been specified by law in another section of the Code of Federal Regulations or is governed by one of the following Organizations:


E = Exception

Military Standard Federal Specification Code of Federal Regs.
MIL STD 101B RR-C-901C ( E - Part 3.2.2 ) 49 CFR 173.302 (L)
MIL - C - 3701B (E)

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American National Standards Institute, Inc.,
1430 Broadway, New York, NY 10018

American Society of Mechanical Engineers,
United Engineering Center, 354 47th Street, New York, NY 10017

Chlorine Institute, Inc.,
2001 L Street, NW., Suite 506, Washington, DC 20036

Compressed Gas Association, Inc.,
1725 Jefferson Davis Highway, Arlington, Virginia 22202

CGA Pamphlet C-3, Standards for Welding and Brazing on Thinned 178.47; 178.50; 178.51; 178.53; 178.54; 178.56; 178.57; 178.58; 178.59; 178.60; 178.61; 178.65; 178.68.

Walled Containers, 1975
CGA Pamphlet C-5, Cylinder Service Life-Seamless Steel High 173.302

Pressure Cylinders, 1991
CGA Pamphlet C-6, Standards for Visual Inspection of Steel 173.34; 180.519

Compressed Gas Cylinders, 1993
CGA Pamphlet C-6.1, Standards for Visual Inspection of High 173.34

Pressure Aluminum Compressed Gas Cylinders, 1995
CGA Pamphlet C-6.2, Guidelines for Visual Inspection and 173.34

Requalification of Fiber Reinforced High Pressure Cylinders, 1988
CGA Pamphlet C-6.3, Guidelines for Visual Inspection and 173.34

Requalification of Low Pressure Aluminum Compressed Gas Cylinders,1991
CGA Pamphlet C-7, A Guide for the Preparation of Precautionary 172.400a

Markings for Compressed Gas Containers, appendix A, issued 1992 (6th Edition).
CGA Pamphlet C-8, Standard for Requalification of DOT-3HT Cylinder 173.34

Design, 1985
CGA Pamphlet C-11, Recommended Practices for Inspection of 178.35.

Compressed Gas Cylinders at Time of Manufacture, 1993
CGA Pamphlet C-12, Qualification Procedure for Acetylene Cylinder 173.34; 173.303; 178.59; 178.60.

Design, 1994
CGA Pamphlet C-13, Guidelines for Periodic Visual Inspection and 173.34; 173.303

Requalification of Acetylene Cylinders, 1992
CGA Pamphlet C-14, Procedures for Fire Testing of DOT Cylinder 173.34

Pressure Relief Device Systems, 1979
CGA Pamphlet G-2.2 Tentative Standard Method for Determining 173.315

Minimum of 0.2% Water in Anhydrous Ammonia, 1985
CGA Pamphlet G-4.1, Cleaning Equipment for Oxygen Service, 1985 178.338
CGA Pamphlet S-1.1., Pressure Relief Device Standards-Part 173.34

1-Cylinders for Compressed Gases, 1994 (with the exception of paragraph
CGA Pamphlet S-1.2, Safety Relief Device Standards Part 2-Cargo 173.315; 173.318
and Portable Tanks for Compressed Gases, 1980
CGA Technical Bulletin TB-2, Guidelines for Inspection and Repair 180.413 of MC-330 and MC-331 Cargo Tanks, 1980

National Institute of Standards and Technology, Department of Commerce,
5285 Port Royal Road, Springfield, VA 22151

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