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We are a Texas domestic corporation, d/b/a/ C.F.C. that provides refrigerant, compressed gases and training services to a wide customer base. The core of this customer base is made up of some one hundred Fortune 500 companies, 9 defense contractors and 100+ Dept. of Defense components. Services include EPA Approved refrigerant reclamation and EPA technician certification in both the HVAC and MVAC areas. Refrigerant (R-12, R-502, R-134a), Pure Specialty Gas (Argon, ABO, SF6), Medical and Calibration Gas Mixutures are the primary compliments of CFC. We also manufacture recovery/recycle and reclamation equipment for refrigerants.


As a certified test administratotr for the EPA, training and testing includes the Clean Air Act Section 608 for HVAC and Section 609 for MVAC located at various class sites. We also provide consulutation services and educational seminars on EPA compliance requirements. Director


Through StarTec, a manufacturing division of C.F.C. we provide a full line of recovery, recycle and reclamation equipment and accessories. The StarTec HPR 1004 is an ARI 740 tested and approved unit that performs at the highest level and has the only three year parts and labor warranty in the business. Director


C.F.C. has a full service refrigerant reclamation facility providing complete turnaround of CFC, HCFC, and HFC refrigerants. Through on site testing, processing and packaging of reclaimed and virgin materials C.F.C.'s quality control assures ARI 700 standards are strictly met. We also perform on-site recovery of major systems and have a waste management program to control disposal of refrigerant related wastes and components. Director

Defense/Government Service Center - Logistics and EDI

C.F.C. is in the forefront of computerized bidding and electronic commerce. Our Defense Service Center is committed to providing total service and satifaction to our customers. We manufacture or distribute compressed gases from acetylene to xenon, from the calibration gases requiring 0 +/- tolerance to simple medical and pure gas applications. Through a nationwide network developed by C.F.C., we provide service and delivery from Anchorage, AK to Osan, Korea from New York City to Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our webite is designed in a unique fashion to provide MSDS, NSN and Mil Spec data for products to our registered customers. Quotes are provided promptly when requested. Director


Other Staff Members


Jack H. Peacock - Project Consultant / C.F.C. Reclamation and Recycling Service Inc.

Mr. Peacock is a graduate of Floride State University, College of Business, Class of 1973, with a double major in Accounting and Industrial Management. He has been in the SmarTec Fluid Analyzer project since December 1996.
A Florida native, he has had many years experience in manufacturing management before moving to Texas in 1995. He was Controller for a sheet metal products manufacturing firm for ten years before becoming Vice President of Sales and Design for a manufacturer of water and waste treatment plants. He served in this position for fifteen years before moving west.
Mr. Peacock was a Military Intelligence Analyst for five years during the Koren Conflict and the Cold War Era and held Top Secret Crypto Clearance.

Kenneth Turner - Vice President of C.F.C. Reclamation and Recycling Service Inc.

Mr. Turner is retired Air Force and served in Construction and Property Contracting, Project Management and Review. His military career spands a wide range of mapping, charting and targeting.

A native of Ohio, Mr. Turner moved to Abilene while serving in the Air Force at Dyess Air Force Base. Currently Director of Manufacturing and Reclamation Process, Mr. Turner is responsible for the production lines and making sure that every customers product meets the high standards expected from the #1 performance equipment in the industry.

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